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Start your prebiotic journey for the day with Vogel’s Digestive Wellbeing Original Toast Loaf – deliciously baked with a unique blend of BARLEYmax* which feeds the good bacteria in your gut and supports good digestion for better nutrients absorption from your food.

Vogel’s Digestive Wellbeing Original delivers 50% more fibre than Vogel’s Original Mixed Grain toast.

*BARLYEmaxTM contains a range of probiotic fibres such as fructans, beta glucan and resistant starch to support digestive wellbeing when consumed as part of a healthy varied diet containing 3g/day of fructans.


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  3. If an entrant uses multiple accounts on the Black Box Reviews website to enter multiple times, then that entrant will be disqualified from the prize draw and any prize awarded to them will be void.
  4. The winner will be selected from the total valid entries/reviews. The winners will receive an e-mail to confirm that they have won the competition. Failure to respond within 21 days will be grounds for disqualification.
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  6. This competition will commence on the 12th of April and close on May 12, 2021. Winners will be announced on the following Monday, 17th May 2021.
  7. The winners will receive 1 of 10 Gift Card Vouchers valued at $7.50 NZD courtesy of Vogel’s.
  8. This competition is open to New Zealand residents only.
  9. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants that do not meet the criteria listed above.


The winner of this contest will receive 1 of 10 Gift Card Vouchers valued at $7.50 NZD courtesy of Vogel’s.

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  1. I love this bready

  2. Reply
    Angela Stonestreet
    May 3, 2021 at 6:09 pm

    I really liked this bread. If you like quite thick, seeded bread, it’s a winner!
    Took a while in the toaster just like normal Vogels bread.

  3. I have always loved Vogels bread range and this is no exception!
    Perfect consistency and delicious flavor!

  4. At last a bread that is good for you and keeps me going to lunch time without having to snack in between meals
    All the family love it even the picky eaters

  5. A great addition to the Vogels range – yummy and good for you!

  6. Wow finally found something that works on my gut I’ve been buying it all the time now for my digestive system ,now that things seem to be working well ,good on vogels

  7. One of the best breads ever. I absolutely love the taste and it is very good for my health also. Will buy every week to keep me and my family healthy

  8. At last a bread that is gentle on the tummy and provides the good bacteria to help your gut. Thank you thank you thank you. I love to start my day with something filling but also good for me and this ticks both boxes. I have tried yoghurt with probiotics but it never satisfies for long and I find myself snacking but this bread fills me until lunch without giving me that bloated feeling and I know it’s doing good work in my gut with the fibre and probiotics. This is a must on my shopping list every time.

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