Primal Future

Primal Future is a New Zealand company focusing on promoting and educating the concept of edible insects. Our ethos is about going back to our primal roots and bringing that forward into the future. We are doing this by using one of our earliest ancestors’ sources of protein, insects and applying modern technology to incorporate them into innovative and great tasting foods. Founder Matt Selak first came across the idea of edible insects after watching a TED talk in 2013 by Marcel Dicke while studying at the University of Otago. After seeing how insects are a sustainable source of protein that if embraced, could be a solution to an increasing population and limited resources. After a stop off in Hong Kong on the way back to New Zealand after a year travelling, he decided to start Primal Future in early 2016.

The most significant hurdle in promoting and normalising the idea of eating insects was getting over the ‘Ick factor’ that consumers face when thinking about insects. One way to overcome this was by changing the form of the insects so Primal Future began by selling cricket powder, a sustainable protein alternative made from 100% ground and milled crickets.

The next step was to develop an FMCG product so since 2017 we have been working to create our new flagship range of products our Cricket Corn Chips, a sustainable higher protein corn chip product that incorporates cricket powder. Coming in three great flavours; delicious Aged Cheddar, zesty Jalapeno & Lime and classic Marlborough Sea Salt our Cricket Corn Chips are a sustainable source of protein and fibre, boast a 4.5 health star rating and have the equivalent protein of eating two and a half eggs per packet.

We have also developed a Cricket and Hemp Protein Powder coming in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavour.

Join us in our mission towards a more sustainable future.

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