Coombe Castle Fresh Cheese Wensleydale

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Bonjour wensleydale! Wensleydale cheese was first made by french cistercian monks who had settled in the little village of wensleydale. At that time, wensleydale was a blue cheese with the white variety, little-known. Nowadays, the opposite is true, with blue wensleydale now rarely seen. When the french monastery was dissolved in 1540 by the masterful henry 8th, local farmers continued making the cheese up to the second world war, during when most milk in the country was used to make “government cheddar”. Thankfully wensleydale is now produced in playful amount for us all to enjoy. A mild, creamy cheese with a fresh, clean flavour and a honeyed aftertaste. We think you would enjoy it best with a slice of fruitcake. Let us know what you think!

Coombe Castle Fresh Cheese Wensleydale
Coombe Castle Fresh Cheese Wensleydale


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Specification: Coombe Castle Fresh Cheese Wensleydale

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