Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets

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Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets

Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets unique formula cuts through the toughest cleaning challenges to get your dishes sparkling clean on the first wash!

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  1. Jody

    These are my favourite brand. They leave the dishes so clean, and the dishwasher clean and sparkling as well. Unlike other brands where you have to use a separate dishwasher cleaner, but then the main brand I’m thinking of also sells dishwasher cleaner so it’s better for them if you have to buy separately. Then they recommend you use it three times a week and that’s an extra $15/week. Whereas if you buy these I think it’s more pricey but it’s all-in-one so there’s not the extra cost to get all the grease out of your dishwasher. There was no marked difference when I forgot to fill up my rinse aid, again the rinse aid is made by the aforementioned company whose dishwasher tablets don’t keep your dishwasher clean, and with *those* tablets you really notice when the rinse aid runs out because it doesn’t wash nearly as well. Fairy though, works well under all conditions. I miss them, did manage to get two packets online with a discount, but had trouble finding it last time so now I am back to using dishwasher cleaner again a couple of times a week.

    + PROS: Keeps dishwasher clean as it washes. Dishwasher cleaner and rinse aid not required. Nice smell.
    - CONS: Expensive, but probably worth it because you don’t need dishwasher cleaner. Not readily available in NZ, not available in my supermarket, difficult to find online too.
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  2. Debbie

    Love these dishwasher tablets. They do a great job and make the glassware shine without needing to dry afterwards.

    + PROS: - No excessive pre rinse required - Makes glassware shine
    - CONS: - A little pricey
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  3. Candice

    They make my dishes taste like soap. No other tablets do this

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  4. TaniaT

    Excellent product. Won’t use anything else now as they def outshine all
    Other brands!

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  5. Lisa

    Love them. Works the best in our washer. I can always see a difference when other grands are used.

    + PROS: Work extremely well.
    - CONS: Pricier. But worth it.
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  6. AJ

    Love these things. Does what it says on the bag unlike the others. We buy these whenever we can.

    + PROS: Works well, no exaggeration.
    - CONS: A little pricey.
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  7. Rach

    Other companies say that their tablets are the best. Honestly do not bother. These by far work the best. you don’t need to rinse dishes either.

    + PROS: No need to rinse the dishes
    - CONS: a little expensive but still worth it
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    Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets
    Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets

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