Irvines Chilled Pie 6pk Mince


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Irvines Chilled Pie 6pk Mince

Since 1917, generations of hungry pie loving kiwis have enjoyed irvines pies. That’s because pie-oneer albert irvine knew that nothing hits the spot better than a good pie! Over 100 years later, we are still sharing our passion for pies, proudly made here in new zealand with nz beef. At irvines we know that new zealand runs on pies and there’s nothing new zealand can’t achieve when we have an irvines pie in hand.

Specification: Irvines Chilled Pie 6pk Mince

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  1. Bevan

    What genius in the marketing department thought that the new pastry and fillings were an improvement?? A kiwi icon is gone. These pies were always a staple in our fridge, but never again. I would rather eat my own feet than have one more bite of the new Irvines pies.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: An awful aftertaste that will follow you into the afterlife.
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  2. Tory paki

    Both steak/mince and cheese matter of a fact all of em are completely disgusting mince literally doesn’t taste like mince at all just an awful gravy. The steak doesn’t even have proper steak in it it’s the fat lining in the middle of steak I have no clue but i know 100% it ain’t meat and I have clear evidence for this. I literally have never found one chunk of steak in the pie at all. I recommend anyone and everyone not too eat these trash pies and save your life. Literally made me throw up after eating these awful pies. Please guys save your guys lives and buy maketu pies instead

    + PROS: Nothing at all
    - CONS: Every single thing they contain in these sloppy ass things
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  3. Firstname

    Very weird meat flavour and texture. Almost like a slurry. No way this is mince meat. More like all the offcuts of sinew and ears and meat from the skull. The pastry is the only good bit.

    + PROS: Pastry
    - CONS: The slurry they call mince
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  4. Sam goldsmith

    Bought a pack of mince and cheese, these pies used to be not bad at all.. Pastry was gross bad aftertaste. Mince and gravy had a weird flavor. Cheese didn’t save these pies.. Plz go back to old recipe.. For now Pam’s pies are better..

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Just not good anymore
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  5. Cameron

    Bought a pack of Irvine’s steak and cheese pies, only because the big Ben and westie o es were sold out. Anyway, long story short, they’re rubbish. For someone who’s been making pies so long how are they still so awful? Meat like rubber, style af, no cheese… just yuck. And theyre the most costly!

    + PROS: Not a single one
    - CONS: Expensive and taste awful
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  6. Eric Baldwin

    Bought a six pack of Steak and cheese fom Pak n Save and the meat was gristly and tough in 3 of those pies
    Will not be buying anymore of those!

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Tough steak
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  7. M Kaiwai

    Karley I certainly agree…it’s the texture it’s mushy 🥴🤢 it’s not what it use to be…Irvine use to be my kids & grandkids best pies but they’ve over grind the mince in the pies it just about turned it into a smoothie 🥴 sorry my rate is 0 it doesn’t deserve 1 put the pies back to how it use to be …..

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  8. Karley

    These pies used to be good but now they have a weird powdery texture and do not taste nice at all unfortunately.

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    Irvines Chilled Pie 6pk Mince
    Irvines Chilled Pie 6pk Mince


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