Massimos Fresh Cheese Bocconcini

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Soft cheese, slightly salty, with a fresh taste.

It is recommended to consume bocconcino at room temperature on its own or with cherry tomatoes. Bocconcini could be used as appetizer on skewers (playing with the colour and size, alternate half bocconcino with half cherry tomato an basil leaf), seasoned with extra vergin olive oil and basil or oregano, excellent fried. It’s delisious when bocconcino is wrapped with parma’s ham. When product is close to the best before date it would be better to use it cooked: ideal on pizzas or fried with egg (like eggs and bacon), excellent also in the sandwiches with champagne ham, better if grilled and eaten while hot, wonderful on ciabatta bread with tomatoes, extra vergin olive oil, salt and rocket then baked in hot oven until the bread is golden and cheese is melted. Please try bocconcini fritti, pasta al forno, parmigiana, rustici (pie), arancini di riso.

Massimos Fresh Cheese Bocconcini
Massimos Fresh Cheese Bocconcini


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Specification: Massimos Fresh Cheese Bocconcini

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