Silver Fern Farms Honest Burgers – Beef with Horopito Pepper

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Last updated on March 4, 2021 2:38 pm

A touch of horopito pepper gives these honest beef burgers a real New Zealand flavour.

Genuinely natural and straight up delicious, these burgers are made with home-grown Horopito, our very own native hot bush pepper, which adds a touch of zesty spice to the finest cuts of New Zealand’s best grass-fed beef. No weird bits or hidden tricks. Just honest to goodness deliciousness.

Silver Fern Farms Honest Burgers – Beef with Horopito Pepper
Silver Fern Farms Honest Burgers – Beef with Horopito Pepper

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  1. Gary Lee

    I bought the Lamb and Kawakawa Burgers to try, and found it difficult to extract the patties from their plastic cover, having to use scissors to cut around the patties, and use my hands to extract them from the packaging. It would have been better if there was a peel away upper cover, so I did not have to get my hands covered in meat and oil.

    Upon getting the patties out of the covering, it was almost impossible to separate the patties, as the separating paper was wet, and would not peel off at all, and kept tearing into small pieces. It took some minutes to remove the paper before cooking.

    Needless to say, my hand were really messy and contaminated with meat etc and had to bleach my hands before cooking,,,,,


    Upon cooking, the burgers shrank to almost half their original size, and although I like spices, and pepper, I found that there was too much pepper, and I failed to taste any Lamb flavour!!!

    As for the exorbitant cost of such a product, I will not purchase them again!!!!

    This is an unbiased view, from a quite accomplished chef, and I believe is a fair account of the product.

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