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Please only review this product once your teen has taken these capsules for the recommended 30 days. 

 It’s tough being a teen, but when you don’t get enough sleep, life becomes even harder. FOMO, screen time, and the pressures of balancing a social life, school, work, sport, and family commitments mean sometimes there is not enough time for the sleep you need to keep up. If you want more sleep, need to maximise your sleep, or want to worry less, TeenSleep and Stress is an effective way to get the support you need to hold it together.

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  1. Erica Wintle Verified Product Reviewer

    My 15 year old struggles to sleep after staying on his computer for hours. We’ve noticed a big difference in his sleep routine.

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  2. Belinda Luamanu Verified Product Reviewer

    When we opened our black box and found this product, I felt like it couldn’t have come at a better time. I have four teenagers who suffer from stress and irregular sleep patterns due to being on their phones and we had just gone into lockdown. This is the first time my daughter has taken something regularly and said she has amazing sleeps – we are about to purchase more

    + PROS: Perfect supplement for teenagers today
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  3. Tina Hughes Verified Product Reviewer

    Absolutely brilliant, the changes have very effective. Getting up in morning after a more restful sleep has had impacts. I have also started taking them too, and equally have noticed a better sleep.
    I normally take a qlty night magnesium for this purpose, but have found this product better!

    + PROS: Feeling much happier and generally well after a good sleep and happy to get up!
    - CONS: It is expensive. If you more than one person needing this support, the cost will mount up. So maybe avail to tjose on limited budget.
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  4. Sarah

    Being all natural I was a lot happier with my teen taking this over some other ones out there. She found the pills a little too hard to swallow. She did say after 3 days she was falling asleep a lot faster we also put in good routines to help assist the pills so will definitely keep taking these!!

    - CONS: Bit too big to swallow sometimes
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  5. Gill Haynes

    My 17 year old daughter has very bad sleeping habits, tried these now for 4 weeks.
    She feels they are slightly working so I’ve just ordered 2 more months worth.

    + PROS: All natural ingredients
    - CONS: Nothing
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  6. Rachael Verified Product Reviewer

    Definitely worked on both my 16 and 17 year old sons. It made them sleepy about 60mins prior to having them but in the morning they were totally fine and not drowsy whatsoever. Totally recommend them.

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  7. Janelle Broughton Verified Product Reviewer

    my 16yr old daughter seems to fall asleep a bit better than before. she was also taking melatonin, so not sure if that helped her too. but she’s still on her phone at night

    + PROS: seemed to help her, but would of love to trial it when she wasn't taking melatonin. helped with these covid times...
    - CONS: forgets to take them, not following a good bedtime routine. pill size was to big, she struggles to get down sometimes.
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  8. Amelia Verified Product Reviewer

    So far so good. After a week of using these my 13yr old daughter seems to be sleeping better and not sleep walking as much (which she usually does when tired). Lockdown has caused about of uncertainty and these drops for the past 7 days seem to have helped with her ability to get to sleep quickly and also she has slept longer then usual.

    + PROS: Appears to create a sense of calm. Sleeping quicker and easier.
    - CONS: None currently.
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  9. Rebecca Roberts Verified Product Reviewer

    My 18 year old son found they helped him sleep, will continue to use these.

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  10. Vikki F Verified Product Reviewer

    Worked really well for my 16yr old daughter, shes been on and off melatonin for a few years and these seemed to work better, will continue using them for her.

    + PROS: Worked great
    - CONS: none for us
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  11. Anne-Marie Long Verified Product Reviewer

    These worked well and my daughter of 18 will continue to use them going forward. She will continue to use them going forward.

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  12. M Tonkin Verified Product Reviewer

    My son is 16 and has had good results with these sleep drops.

    + PROS: Work effectively
    - CONS: Son forgets to take them regularly!
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    Sleepdrops TeenSleep & Stress
    Sleepdrops TeenSleep & Stress

    $39.90 $29.90

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