Whole Earth Monk Fruit Granules


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Whole Earth Monk Fruit Granules

✔︎ Vegan

✔︎ No Preservatives

✔︎ Gluten free

✔︎ NON-GMO Project Verified

✔︎ No Sugar

✔︎ 1 Calorie

Perfect for baking!

Monk Fruit also known “Luo Han Guo” or the “Buddha Fruit”, has been harvested for centuries by Buddhist monks in Southern Chinato make sweet, cooling drinks and traditional remedies to promote longevity. Our Monk Fruit withorganic Erythritol is a delightful low calorie sugar replacement that’sgreat for baking, cooking and to sprinkle on your foods and beverages.

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  1. shireen bosch Verified Product Reviewer

    Love the taste, as there’s no aftertaste

    + PROS: Extremely versatile for cooking, baking and even coffee
    - CONS: Quite pricey
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  2. Shav

    I didn’t like it, but I could’ve just used it wrong, everyone else seemed to love it so maybe just me.

    I personally don’t buy these products so I normally stick to the non substitutes thought I’d give this a try and definitely not for me, but if in the future I ever decided to change my diet for personal or medical reasons I’d come back and re-evaluate it has potential to improve. (Or maybe my cooking skills has potential to improve 😊)

    + PROS: - Can be mixed into baking well - Great Brand, With many options for not just raw sugar that I tried.
    - CONS: - On the pricey side of things but that is like all substitutes - Not to my personal liking
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  3. Fiona Yates

    Loved this and will buy again and again.

    + PROS: Well worth the price.
    - CONS: None.
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  4. Linda Richardson

    just like sugar

    + PROS: easy to store
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  5. Tanya Stanisich

    Great product. Couldn’t tell that it wasn’t sugar. Worked perfectly in my baking.

    - CONS: Bit pricey
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  6. Mia Dodson

    Having to cut out all forms of sugar from my diet, along with gluten and lactose, due to allergies, I tried many sugar substitutes and found most did not live up to their claims, or tasted horrible…then I discovered Monkfruit…it’s fantastic, I love it, and it only has one calorie per teaspoon.
    I am able to bake, make puddings using gluten free flour substitutes, without feeling guilty about consuming high calories.

    + PROS: Sweeter than sugar 100% Natural Very few calories
    - CONS: Expensive Has a strange odour, if you happen to shake the container
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  7. Liz Borrows Verified Product Reviewer

    I really liked how it doesn’t have an odd flavour or lasting taint as some sugar alternatives do, Stevia for example. I like how it translated to sugar so well, as in a half teaspoon has the same sweetness as a half teaspoon of Sugar

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  8. Claudia Scott

    Great as a sweetener but it didn’t do much to sweeten my tea, I preferred drinking it without rather.

    + PROS: plant-based Substitute for sugar Fine granules
    - CONS: Didn't sweeten very well
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  9. Tania Verified Product Reviewer

    This is great for some uses. I love a good plant bases sugar. Although I guess all sugar is really from plants! This sugar has an unusual smell, but a very pleasant sugar taste. I’d describe it as delicate: a light, sweet, cool, smooth, refreshing kind of sugar taste. It’s great in coffees etc, but I tried to use it to sweeten stewed rhubarb and found I needed ALOT, so much that I had to resort to normal raw sugar to get it to sweeten a bit properly. So that was suprising. Overall, I would always have of this on hand, and keen to try the other options they do too.

    + PROS: Taste is good Mixes well Delicate taste and feel
    - CONS: Didn't sweeten my stewed rhubarb as well as standard sugar. I am yet to try it in other baking. Has a slightly unusual smell, but this disappears once mixed.
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    Whole Earth Monk Fruit Granules
    Whole Earth Monk Fruit Granules


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