Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Feeling something a bit fancy for dinner? This easy and delicious prosciutto-wrapped stuffed chicken recipe will have you feeling like a gourmet chef! Made with Hutchinsons Apricot and Almond Cream Cheese, make this for a weekday dinner that’s sure to impress family and friends alike!

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Cook Time30 min
  • Total Time35 min
  • YieldServes 4


Cooking Method


Heat a BBQ grill or preheat oven to 180 degrees.


With a sharp knife, cut a 1-inch long slit into the thick side of each chicken breast. Work your fingers into the slit, and expand to form a pocket in the breast meat. With your fingers or a spoon, stuff each chicken breast with about 1/4 cup of the cream cheese mixture.


Wrap each breast in a slice of prosciutto so that the pocket opening is covered.


Drizzle chicken with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Cook on BBQ grill for 8 minutes each side or brown first in pan and finish in preheated oven (approx. 20 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink and prosciutto is crispy).


Remove chicken from grill or oven and rest for 10 minutes before serving.


Slice chicken and serve with new season steamed asparagus.

This recipe is courtesy of Hutchinsons Cheese.

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