7 Toppings To Spruce Up Your Piece of Toast

Nothing quite beats the versatility of a loaf of sliced bread. They’re perfect for quick snacks, easy lunches or even as the main star of your weekend brunch!

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Still not convinced? Let our list of drool-worthy toppings do the work.

1. Vegan Gourmet Toast 4 Ways

Gourmet toast 4 ways
Image by Two Spoons Blog

These deliciously moreish vegan toppings by plant-based blogger, Two Spoons, is the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savoury. 

Starting with a thick layer of cashew cream cheese as the base, each slice is then topped with various veggies, fruits and herbs. Make it your own and include your favourites – the key is to not be afraid of mixing opposite flavour combinations.

2. Nut Butter, Banana and Blueberry

Nut butter, banana and blueberries
Image by Taste AU

If your breakfast toast just isn’t cutting it anymore, give this easy and delicious toast topping a try! Featuring an unbeatable combo of nut butter, banana slices, fresh blueberries and just a sprinkling of cinnamon spice – this is a toast recipe that’s sure to kick-start your day in the best way.

3. Smoked butter beans and cured ham

Image by Delicious Magazine UK

The simplicity of this dish makes it a winner in our books. No cooking is required (except for toasting the bread) and you only need 20 minutes to make it. Quick, easy and delicious? Yes, yes and yes!

4. Prawns N’ Pesto

Prawn and Pesto Toast
Image by The Gaia Health Blog

If you’re looking for the perfect weekday meal to impress your friends and family – then look no further! The Gaia Health Blog shares his science-backed tips and tricks for fool-proof homemade pesto and the most succulent prawns.

5. Roasted Grapes, Ricotta and Herbs

Roasted Grapes, Ricotta and Pine nuts
Image by A Cozy Kitchen

The roasting process in this recipe gives the grapes a wonderfully warm, sweet burst of flavour that pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the ricotta. Topped with rosemary, honey and crunchy pinenuts – make it this weekend for a delicious brunch that requires minimal effort!

6. Grilled Corn, Cream and Cilantro

Grilled Corn Crostini
Recipe by The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, Photos by Romulo Yanes

This Mexican-inspired topping is made for days lounging under the sun. The smokiness from the corn gives this dish an irresistibly good taste you’ll be craving all summer long!

7. Roasted Mushroom and Fontina Cheese 

Roasted Mushrooms and Fontina Cheese
Image by What's Gabby Cooking

You can’t go wrong with the classic pairing of mushrooms and cheese. Try this hearty and flavourful recipe for a meal that everyone will surely enjoy!

What toast toppings are you trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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