How To Write A Valuable Product Review

Black Box and brand owners are super grateful for the reviews you leave!

Your reviews are valuable to both consumers and brands:

  • For consumers they offer confidence toward their purchasing decisions
  • For brands they provide confirmation of a great product, or clear direction for product improvements and new areas of development.

See an example here of a good review

Here are some helpful hints for leaving a valuable review:

Authentic product reviews

Honesty, as they say is the ‘best policy’ and it is the same for product reviews.  Keep it honest; your genuine thoughts on product performance pertaining to your personal experience are key – whether they are good or bad.

Be informed

Having a good understanding of the product attributes and brand claims means you can talk about these in your review.  Also consider the ingredient lists, nutritional panels, packaging, format (squeeze, pump or flip top?), range of sizes and how this affects your experience and recommendations.

Taste, texture, fragrance and more are also factors to think about in terms of your overall experience with the product.

Constructive feedback

Be mindful and offer constructive, rather than destructive commentary about a product.  Constructive feedback is helpful to both consumers and brands.  Remember reviews are subjective, not all consumers will have the same experience as you. 

Keep it courteous

We understand that you will not enjoy all products available in the market, and it will come down to personal preference in many instances. Sometimes brands may miss the mark, but leaving an abusive review online is not helpful.  Simply lay out the facts and let other consumers draw their own conclusions. Please be aware that abusive reviews may be deleted if they are not helpful or warranted.

Elements to include

  • Tell us about your experience – how did you use the product and why?
  • Did the product perform as promised?
  • Include pros and cons – What appealed about the product and what did not?
  • Recommendations – would you recommend to others?
  • Feel free to add images of you using the product. This is helpful to both brands and fellow consumers as to the validity of the review

Your profile details

When you register, we ask you to include the following elements in your profile.  This increases consumer relatability.  Consumers can relate to you and your experience and decide if the product is fit for their personal circumstances.  Including these elements can guide them through their purchasing decisions.

  • A profile image
  • Profile name
  • Age bracket
  • Gender
  • Other details pertaining to specific campaign products such as hair and skin type

In summary:

A great review answers questions a potential consumer might have. To achieve this, honest and comprehensive feedback is key.  This will help consumers make a more informed purchasing decision and garner brand insights into performance in the market with fast, actionable feedback.

So again, we thank you for taking time and care in writing your reviews as your feedback helps many.

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    Great size too


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  7. So good yum

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